Rosemurgy Properties is a single-source solution for creating value through real estate development and redevelopment opportunities. The multifaceted company encompasses a range of activities from orchestrating the development process from concept to completion, to the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings and the sale of improved land.


As a full scale real estate firm, our in house team guarantees that the project’s feasibility, long-term flexibility, financial considerations and end-user needs have been addressed to ensure every aspect of the project’s success. This includes construction and development-based expertise and value-added components that go above and beyond the typical CM-managed project.


Redevelopment, in many aspects, is less restrictive than ground-up construction. Each project or property has existing benefits which, when designed properly, can enhance its market value. Our experience allows us to capitalize on these re-development opportunities to maximize the value-added potential of a given project.



Rosemurgy Properties maintains the focus of a long term and diversified investment strategy. Portfolio assets include multi-family, retail, self storage, office and undeveloped land properties. The company continues to expand in South Florida and other areas in the southeast region based on strategic partnerships and opportunities.



Rosemurgy Properties strives to provide outstanding service and quality for the company’s investors, tenants and residents. Our team of executives and staff are committed to providing best in class service and performance at each of our properties.


Our management focus:

  • Keep our properties operating efficiently through preventative maintenance
  • Control expenses by making aesthetic and operational improvements
  • Increase the property’s marketability
  • Maximize our return on investment
  • Provide building-specific reports regarding the property’s costs and financial performance.


For any property management, asset management, or operational needs, please visit Park Partners Residential at for more information.